About the Swedish Gender Equality Agency

The overarching goal of Sweden’s national gender equality work is for women and men to have the same power to shape society and their own lives. This goal is separated into six sub-goals in the following areas: influence, economy, health, education, work and bodily integrity. The gender equality work is ultimately a matter of redistributing power and resources in order to achieve the goals.

The Swedish Gender Equality Agency was established on 1 January 2018 to contribute to effective implementation of Swedish gender equality policy. The work of the agency requires close cooperation with other government agencies, municipalities, county councils, regions and civil society. The main task of the gender equality agency is to coordinate, follow up and provide various forms of support in the area of gender equality.

The work is carried out in the following domains:

  • Analysis and follow-up of the development towards gender equality.

    There is a great need for an overall assessment of the development in the area of gender equality in relation to the measures implemented and actions taken. The agency shall therefore analyse the progress made with respect to Sweden’s six gender equality sub-goals and evaluate the measures implemented. The findings will for example be used to inform interventions at various levels, and by various actors, in society.

  • Support to government agencies, county councils, regions and municipalities in the implementation of gender equality policy.

  • Coordination and implementation of certain assignments in the area of gender equality policy.

The gender equality agency shall have a readiness to accept, lead and carry out assignments in the area of gender equality.

  • Allocation of government grants to gender equality projects and women’s organisations.

  • Assist the government with expertise in international gender equality cooperation.

The Swedish Gender Equality Agency is located in Angered, Gothenburg. It is headed by Director General Lena Ag, who also chairs the agency’s oversight committee. The agency has a staff of about 100.