How to send invoices to the Swedish Gender Equality Agency

This information addresses suppliers of products and services to the Swedish Gender Equality Agency. We accept electronic invoices in Peppol.

After 1 April 2019 all suppliers to the public sector are required by law to send e-invoices according to a new European standard: Peppol BIS Billing 3. This requirement applies to all suppliers within and outside of the EU. These laws and regulations apply to the Swedish Gender Equality Agency.

Law about mandatory e-invoicing in the public sector

Electronic invoice via Peppol

The Swedish Gender Equality Agency receives e-invoices in the Peppol-network. Our electronic address in Peppol is 0007:2021006693.

Please note that a PDF-invoice is not an approved format.

E-invoice in our invoice portal

If you cannot yet send e-invoices in Peppol from your business system it is possible for you to register your invoice in our invoice portal. Please send an e-mail to and include your organisational number, company name and e-mail address to your contact person and we will return with registration instructions.




Publication date: 10 November 2022

Last updated: 11 November 2022