Violence prevention

To stop men's violence against women, enlarged and effective prevention work is necessary. This is also the priary goal in the Swedish government's ten-year national strategy to prevent and combat men's violence against women.

Change in perspectives - from reactive to proactive

Society's efforts have historically focused mainly on the consequences of violence rather than its causes. The Swedish government wants to implement a shift in perspective from a focus on support and protection to a preventive approach. This work must reach all groups in society and be developed in several arenas. At a basic level, it is about challenging the ideas of power and masculinity that justify violence, as well as norms that restrict women's and girls' self-determination.

In order to prevent violence from being perpetrated and repeated, effective measures and a broader commitment of men and boys are required. Men and boys must take greater responsibility for dealing with norms that justify violence, the purchase of sexual services and other restrictions on women's and girls' agency and life choices.

Gender-scientific perspectives on violence have more effect

Effective violence prevention is achieved by working for gender equality in general and changing cultural and social norms that support violence. Gender-scientific perspectives on violence are therefore useful in violence prevention work.

Violence can be prevented. This is not an article of faith, but a statement based on evidence.

- WHO (2010) Violence prevention: the evidence

Violence prevention work

Publication date: 9 June 2021

Last updated: 13 January 2022